The Rabbit Digs Story

My name is Dawn and I'm the creator of Rabbit Digs. I recently re-discovered a love for drawing which has opened up a creativeness in me that has been dormant for many years....and now, thankfully, I can say I have found what I was always supposed to be doing.

Drawing creates a stillness in my mind which allows the artwork to evolve naturally on its own. I never start a piece with the end goal in mind because it's the journey itself that is the most enjoyable part. It's the journey that brings me so much happiness and that's why I can truly say that all of my art is made with love.

The beauty of the natural world is my main inspiration and I often try to mimic the unique patterns and vibrant colours found in nature in many of my prints. All of my artwork is hand drawn, mostly in black or coloured pen.

I launched Rabbit Digs as a way to share my work in the hope that it will bring as much joy to others as it brings me to create it. 

So here it is. And I hope it does.

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